LdV 2000-2011

Mobility in the Baltic Cooperation 2009-2011

In the project MoBaCo from 2009 up to 2011 22 apprentices will work for three weeks in Finish companies (Helsinki), organized by our parnterschool Varia from Vantaa (Finland) The apprentices will work in the field of metal, electrician, wood, construction and hair cutter. The BS Rendsburg will also welcome Finish apprentices in companies from Rendsburg.

ECVET in the Baltic Cooperation 2009-2011

In the project EcBaCo will be an exchange of 16 vocational teachers and trainers for one week with Finland. They will work on the theme ECVET, visit companies in Helsinki and our partner school Varia (Finland)  They try to find with the Finish teachers and trainers better ways for the certification of the content, which the apprentices learn during their visit in Finland.  They also compare the vocational education system of both countries.

WeB project 2008-2010

This project is routed in the European Education (Web) and is a Leonardo mobility project with our partner school Varia (Helsinki, Finland). There are a total of 30 trainees from the metal and electronics being sent to Helsinki for a three internship from 2008 to 2010. The trainees can work on their professional experience as well as going abroad and furthering their relation to other technologies and work experience. The first fifteen young people begin a three week internship in Helsinki on 27 April 2009 and end on 15 May 2009.