Leonardo da Vinci Projects

In these projects, the educational emphasis is on vocational education. In this program there are a multitude of project types. The ones best suited for our school are:

Leonardo da Vinci mobility 
abroad in vocational education and training. In the initial training, the students stay abroad for at least three weeks of training. There are also possibilities for our teacher and trainer from the companies to visit our European partner for one week for a VET-training.

Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships
Vocational training institutions are working in a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership process, but also results-oriented to a topic of common interest.

Leonardo da Vinci innovation projects
are projects in the framework of a transnational cooperation aiming at the vocational training systems, particularly through the development of innovations improvement of best practices.

A mobility can be initiated and certified by the Europass Mobility, which is a Europe-wide recognized certification tool. (Http://www.europass-info.de). After this certification, each participant is issued a mobility within the framework of a EU-project.