Fourth Hitcol meeting in Vienna

The third project meeting began on the 11th of November inVienna. The hosts of the Brigittenauer Gymnasium welcomed participants fromGreece,Lithuania, Poland Spain andGermany with a sample of the schools’ diverse musical work.







Students of the BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal prior to departure in Hamburg



The working process of the ten workshops started on Sunday afternoon. In this meeting the focus was how IT changed the things we do in our free time. During the meeting three comics and a newspaper were developed.



The theatre group rehearses a scene


One group made a film while two theatre groups developed sketches about the topic. Another workshop created an exhibition in which information, gathered prior to the meeting, was presented. The results made obvious that socializing and face to face contacts played a more important role one generation ago while today virtual realities are an essential part of a teenager’s free time. The theatre group compared free time activities from the past with today quite impressively in their entertaining sketches.


All in all the students came to a clear conclusion: Free time activities from the past differ enormously from those today, where personal face to face contacts aren’t that important anymore even though they are often more fun. Therefore „Come together and have fun“ was the slogan for all participants at the end of the meeting.

It is, as always in our meetings, very remarkable how the participating 77 students from six European countries worked very effectively and with a lot of fun in order to create their products in a very short period of time.

Furthermore this meeting brought the opportunity to enjoy the cultural offers of aVienna. The cultural heritage ofAustria’s capital became very obvious during a scavenger hunt inVienna’s‘ first district. In addition the students enjoyed the visits to the Imperial Treasury and theMuseumofNatural History.