Third Meeting in Lithuania


How IT changed our life

3. Meeting in Gatauciai 25.04.-29.04.2012


The third Comenius meeting „How IT changed our life“ took place in the small Lithuanian village of Gatauciai and was focused on the overall topic of education. Nine students of the Vocational School at the BBZ in Rendsburg/Germany participated in this meeting, accompanied by their teachers Michael Petersen and Wiebke Schirrow.

The preparation for this meeting included a questionnaire, an interview and several pictures which dealt with the topic. The students collected some questions concerning the topic which were summarized with all other participant’s questions to one final questionnaire. The students asked other students and parents about their school life and received a good overview about the usage of IT and everyday school life.

After the arrival in Joniskis, the first action was lunch and getting into the hostel. Because of the rural location of our hosting school, the group was accommodated in Joniskis instead of Gatauciai. By bus we than drove to school for getting to know each other and to organize the workshops. We were welcomed with applause and traditional dancing, performed by Lithuanian students. The first day ended with dinner and a visit to a Basketball museum – Basektball is very important for the Lithuanian people.

The second day was dominated by the workshops. All in all, there were eight workshops: two for comics, three for theatre, one newspaper, one for film and finally the exhibition workshop. The students were distributed country wise, in each workshops was at least one student from one participating country. In the late afternoon, we departed for Siauliai, a city one hour in the south of Gatauciai. Before we had dinner there, we had a little stop at the so called “hill of crosses”, a memorial of the occupation of the soviets.

The third day was the day which we spent completely with travelling to the capital Vilnius, having some stops on our way. While doing a boat tour around the castle of Trakai, we had lunch while enjoying wonderful weather. The following visit of the old town of Vilnius was enjoyed be everybody. The students got a good overview of Lithuanian life and the culture of our hosting country.

The last but one day, the results of the workshops were presented. The theatre workshops acted out their plays and the film group presented the film. The results of the comic workshops and the newspaper workshop were presented in the exhibition. The day ended with a great party at school.

It was time to say good bye on Sunday. The students found friends, used social networks and planned already some private visits for the summer. In addition, the students learned that IT has changed everyday school life fundamentally.

Before travelling back home, the students had the opportunity to spend half a day in the Latvian capital Riga. The trip was very successful for everybody and obviously enjoyed by students and teachers.