5. meeting in Rendsburg

The 5th Comenius meeting which was held in Rendsburg started in Hamburg the 2nd march 2013. After our partners from Spain, Greece, Austria, Poland and Lithuania had arrived at the Hamburg airport and had checked in at the hostel, the German colleagues gave a first tour through Hamburg by night.

The great sightseeing tour in Hamburg started Sunday morning with a visit of the famous Hamburg Dungeon and the old docklands at the Hamburg harbor. After this spooky journey into the history of Hamburg, the group strolled to the traditional pier called “Landungsbrücken” to have some typical lunch. After some refreshments, the group started a round tour with a typical ferry of the Hamburg harbor. In the late afternoon, the group took the train from Hamburg to the final destination Rendsburg and checked in at the youth hostel of the local fire brigade.

The overall topic of the Rendsburg meeting was “world of work” which was the basis of 10 workshops offered at this meeting. The main aim of these workshops was to show the ongoing changes in our work life due to information technology, i.e. computers.

After four days of workshops, four comics, one newspaper, an exhibition, a theatre play and a movie had been the results of the meeting in Germany. They students presented clearly how information technologies have taken over the rule of our every day working life. Work life changed a lot over the last years.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting was characterized by a warm and respectful togetherness of young people from six different European countries. The workshops as well as free time activities were carried out targeted, creative and with a lot of fun and satisfaction.