How IT changes our life 2011-2013

In the multilateral Comenius partnership "How IT changes our life" is the BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal working with several partners."How IT has changed our life" is a Comenius Multilateral School Partnership in which 6 schools from Austria (Brigittenauer Gymnasium), Germany (BS Rendsburg), Greece (Asopia Junior High School), Lithaunia (Gatauciai School), Poland (ZKPiG 32) and Spain (IIT Galileo Galilei) take part.The project is focused on the changes Information Technology (IT) has brought in our everyday life. With the help of their teachers students will analyze the differences that IT has introduced to the way of living, comparing the situation nowadays with the way their parents lived. This analysis will be developed around 4 main topics: World of Work, Education, Social Life and Communication, and Free Time.

In every country, students who take part in the project will gather information with the help of teachers and parents. During the meetings (one per country), students will share this information in order to analyze it and present it using different tools (short films, comics, theatre plays and exhibitions). Although during the meetings students' work is focused on elaborating some final products, the main aim of the activities is the process itself. Teachers will supervise this gathering of information fostering students' self autonomy. During the meetings they will give technical support to the students. To be able to do that, teachers will be trained in methodology (Self Controlled Learning, Project Based Learning and Cooperative Learning) as well as in technical skills (video, audio and comic software, and theatre techniques).  All the products from the meetings will be uploaded to the project website and shown in each school.

Second Meeting in Madrid
Third meeting in Lithuania
Fourth Hitcol meeting in Vienna
5. meeting in Rendsburg