CLIL and sport 2013-2015

The objective of the project ““HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY VIA CLIL AND SPORTS” is to promote the idea of CLIL via English as the ‘Lingua Franca’. Students and teachers are made aware of the importance of CLIL for their linguistic, cognitive, social and professional development through developing CLIL materials and activities as a method.
In this project, CLIL methods, physical education and communication between students and teachers from different countries and cultures, wll be combined under the heading of sports in our respective cultures. We chose sports as the focus of our project because the young people of today spend a lot of time in virtual reality and the majority do not realize the importance of sports, which can help young people to maintain the ability to function in their daily lives.
Student and teacher representatives from schools from Italy, Spain, Turkey, German, Austria and Finland will be concentrating in the work at the home schools and in the international project meetings on typical sports in the project countries. Students will develop various CLIL activities in small teaching units on the the topic sports in several subjects (politics, economy, physics, biology, technology, physical education, ...) which will be used via peer teaching. They will also prepare the vocabulary used in a glossary, as well as presentations for the meetings, exhibitions, materials using CLIL methodology on rules and instructions related to the different sports. All the worksheets produced as a result of this will be disseminated as a final product, which will be published for further usage by students and teachers. In addition to doing the actual sport/s, we want to offer a connection the background of the sport/s, as well as its health benefits.You can find detailed information on the project homepage: