Since 1992, our school has been involved with many projects throughout Europe. The emphasis of these projects is on student exchange activities under the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union. The Lifelong Learning Program runs from 2007 to 2013 and includes the existing programs of the European Educational Cooperation - Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci ( In May 2000 we were appointed to the European School Association. The association aims to promote education and development of a European understanding while promoting the international attitude and tolerance in all fields of culture, as well as furthering the idea of intercultural understanding. As a member of this association, during classes, we must focus on the topic of Europe. Thus, the exchange of trainees is the paramount objective. Similarly, the issue of strengthening Europe has been included in the curriculum. When the conditions of the European School Association are met, we are permitted to include in the name of our school “Europe School” and to use the association’s logo (


The adjacent map gives you an overview of our school partnerships in Europe. In the course of globalization, the youths should be prepared for the European job market. English is used as the vehicular component in the lessons at the vocational school. Teaching material can be found on the national education server of Schleswig-Holstein.

There are currently a multilateral Comenius school partnership project with the focus "cross curricular teaching and  CLIL", and some Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects for the initial vocational training and vocatioanl teacher and trainer. We also have a Leonardo da Vinci partnership with the content ECVET.

With our partner Compagnons du Devoir from France and a financial advancement  from the "Deutsch-Französische Sekretariat" we have mobilities in the field of joiner with the vocational school in Muizon (France).

With a financial advancement  from the "Grenzenlosse Berufausbildung" we exchange carpenters  with Le Mans (France) and concrete workers with Austria.

Our program has also contacts for vocational education and training to partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Poland. These contacts are on the project "Future Sea" and in the next few years will be further strengthened.