Secondary General School

The lowest track in the German education system is the Secondary General School. It starts with 5th grade and goes up to the 9th grade. Here, students prepare for vocational education. They also continue learning basic subjects as well as English. After students graduate from Secondary General School they can apply for an apprenticeship at a company or go on to a full time Vocational School which lasts about 2
Secondary General School is supposed to prepare mainly practically oriented pupils for craft professions. Meanwhile Secondary General School has - more or less - become a haven for socially disadvantaged
children and immigrant students.
Intermediate School
Intermediate School is a little more advanced than Secondary General School. Here, pupils learn the basic subjects which prepare them for a mid level job. After graduation from Intermediate School it is 
possible for pupils who receive sufficient grades) to transfer to Grammar School. Intermediate School is supposed to prepare mainly practically and theoretically oriented students for trade, technical and administrative professions.
Grammar School
Grammar School is the third track a student can go to after primary school. This school prepares students to enter university. Grammar School lasts eight years; or from the 5th to 13th grade. Here students
learn subjects like German, math, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, art, religion and history. They are also required to learn two foreign languages. In the 13th grade students prepare for the University qualification exam. This is an examination that they have to pass in order to visit university. If they fail, they only have a few more chances to pass or they won't be allowed to attend university.